Easy Way to Treat Candida with Coconut Oil

Candida is an issue that begins in the gut. The body is naturally laden with microbes, but when the system can’t get a good balance it starts to create an overgrowth of these microbes. Candida is caused by an overgrowth of microbes and it can contribute to an array of complications, including athlete’s foot and yeast infections, to name a few. A water fast is an effective way to reduce and even eliminate Candida altogether, but you can also treat Candida with coconut oil.

How to Treat Candida With Coconut Oil

The coconut oil detox requires that you take up to 12 tablespoons of organic coconut oil daily. You are also encouraged to drink lots of water. Don’t worry about the calorific content of consuming so much saturated fat. This fast will not lower your metabolism. Per tablespoon, you are consuming around 100 calories, so the coconut oil detox will provide enough calories for you to survive the day. It is possible to treat Candida with coconut oil, as you may notice that your bowel movements excrete fungus. This is a positive thing.

If you find it difficult to consume coconut oil off the spoon, try adding it to a sugarless lemonade recipe. Mix lemon or lime juice with filtered water, a pinch of salt, and stevia extract—optional for natural sweetness. Many people start the day with a drink of warm water and lemon/lime, which can push old fecal matter into large intestine to be excreted, but the coconut oil detox encourages you to drink this sugar-free lemonade throughout the day. If you still find it difficult to have the oil in the lemonade, you could try adding the oil to organic natural yoghurt. This will add healthy bacteria to the intestinal tract.

Juice Fasting Feeds Candida

Although a juice fast is a healthy way of losing weight and reducing disease and illness, this type of fast contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, juice fasting is not likely to reduce Candida symptoms. The sugar will feed the microbes, which can lead to repeated symptoms. The point of a fast is to starve the microbes that lead to the overgrowth.

In Conclusion

Treating Candida with coconut oil is an effective way to heal the digestive tract. It will help the system balance itself out. The body will not be receiving sugar from fruits/vegetables and processed foods. There may be an increase of the symptoms you experience until there is a die-off. Coconut oil is anti-viral. This type of fast can also be helped by oil pulling with coconut oil. Some people may experience nausea by increasing their consumption of organic coconut oil, but try to work through the discomfort. The body knows what it is doing. Try a three-day fast at first, but you can work up to seven-days.

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