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Eat Coconut Oil While Dieting

You should definitely eat coconut oil while dieting. There is a reason why coconut oil is now known as a wonder food, and this is because of the way it is absorbed by the body. The people who eat a diet high in saturated fats like coconut or palm oil experience fewer diseases, a lean body, and have super soft smooth skin. Saturated fat is still attacked, yet the health experts forget to mention the reason why these people remain so healthy. They are what they eat. The attack on coconut oil was made by the soybean industry, and even today

Use Virgin Coconut Oil to Prevent Aging Skin

Individuals, especially women, are prone to think negatively about their age and skin. This is favourable for skincare manufacturers, as they can easily manipulate women into buying a product containing all of these ‘wonderful’ anti-aging ingredients, with a not-so-nice price tag attached. Learn how to use virgin coconut oil to prevent aging skin

The Diabetes Epidemic: Coconut Oil for Diabetes

Coconut Oil for Diabetes : The obesity epidemic had caused a lot of man-made disease, including type-II diabetes. Type-I diabetes is where an individual is unable to product insulin, so injections are necessary for survival. Type-II diabetes may often appear in older adults, although weight gain is a precursor for this disease.

3 Tips to Stay Free of Infections with Coconut Oil

It is easy to get infections in the day to day life. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA). Research has proven that the body utilises these MCFAs differently. It is a natural energy source for the body, therefore it is less likely to cause weight gain in the body. In addition to the weight loss benefits and improved metabolic rate, it is also a proven anti-viral tool. Many published medical studies state that coconut oil treats infectious diseases like food poisoning, athlete’s foot, and even AIDS. Researchers have known, as early as the 80s, that medium chain

Make A Lovely Gift This Christmas With a Coconut Oil Body Scrub

There are many different types of body scrubs. Some are made with natural ingredients, but they can be pricy. Other products contain synthetic fragrance. The skin on the face is fragile, so a body scrub that contains caster sugar or fine sea salt will be fine. The normal sugar or salt granules may be too harsh. Christmas is an expensive time, and not everyone has a disposable income. A coconut oil body scrub makes a perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas. Other luxury ingredients are added, which will moisturise the body during and after a bath or shower.

I need a home miracle makeover, any suggestions

At times, we have so many problems with our skin and hair that it’s too scary to even count. When our hair is finally under control, our skin and face decides to get a mind of it’s own. We all want to look beautiful, but we can’t all pay for such. At times like this we all look for a home miracle makeover which is easy to do and gets results.

Lose Belly Fat With Coconut Oil

It is extremely difficult for the body to lose belly fat unless you are determined to follow a calorie-controlled diet and exercise regularly. However, researchers have discovered that coconut oil is beneficial in reducing abdominal fat. As the body ages, abdominal fat can settle around the heart organs and contribute toward middle age spread.

Learn Why Eating Virgin Coconut Oil Can Improve Health

A lot of research has been done on coconut oil and its health benefits, but the mainstream media largely suppresses this information. The horror stories that coconut oil can lead to weight gain, and heart disease were a common problem before researchers discovered the wonderful benefits of this natural oil. There is research to show that virgin coconut oil (the more expensive types) can prevent heart disease, improve the immune system, aid in weight loss, and is a rich moisturiser for the hair, skin and nails.

Coconut Oil is Always a Healthier Choice

Change is a constant thing, and it’s something that we either do to ourselves or for ourselves. Whether it’s simply for a new look or for health reasons, most times change is good. Sometimes we are not looking for an overall change but simply a better choice that can and will work for our betterment.