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I need a home miracle makeover, any suggestions

At times, we have so many problems with our skin and hair that it’s too scary to even count. When our hair is finally under control, our skin and face decides to get a mind of it’s own. We all want to look beautiful, but we can’t all pay for such. At times like this we all look for a home miracle makeover which is easy to do and gets results.

Lose Belly Fat With Coconut Oil

It is extremely difficult for the body to lose belly fat unless you are determined to follow a calorie-controlled diet and exercise regularly. However, researchers have discovered that coconut oil is beneficial in reducing abdominal fat. As the body ages, abdominal fat can settle around the heart organs and contribute toward middle age spread.

Learn Why Eating Virgin Coconut Oil Can Improve Health

A lot of research has been done on coconut oil and its health benefits, but the mainstream media largely suppresses this information. The horror stories that coconut oil can lead to weight gain, and heart disease were a common problem before researchers discovered the wonderful benefits of this natural oil. There is research to show that virgin coconut oil (the more expensive types) can prevent heart disease, improve the immune system, aid in weight loss, and is a rich moisturiser for the hair, skin and nails.

Coconut Oil is Always a Healthier Choice

Change is a constant thing, and it’s something that we either do to ourselves or for ourselves. Whether it’s simply for a new look or for health reasons, most times change is good. Sometimes we are not looking for an overall change but simply a better choice that can and will work for our betterment.

Learn How to Use Coconut Oil for Make up Removal

The skin is the largest living-breathing organ in the human body. The hands and feet have generous layers of skin, but the thinnest layers of the skin are the lips and eyes. Many make-up products are made for the eyes and lips. Therefore, it makes sense to use a natural moisturising make up remover like coconut oil. A little goes a long way so start with a small amount of coconut oil and smother this all over the areas of the face and/or body where you want to remove the make up. Coconut oil is also an effective powder and

Learn How Coconut Oil Destroys Tooth Decay

In the past I tried oil pulling to support the health of my mouth, rather than treat an ongoing oral condition like tooth decay. Although I’m no longer oil pulling, I’ve relied on coconut oil for many years. I eat the meat, drink the water, and use the coconut oil for cooking. It’s an amazing oil full of saturated fat, vitamins and minerals… plus it tastes yummy. There is a study proving that digested coconut oil helps to destroy the tooth acids that contribute toward tooth decay. Some people rely on coconut oil for toothpaste. To make a pleasant tasting

Yoghurt Smoothie with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is medium chain fatty acid, which provides the body with energy that it can make instant use of. There is less of a chance that this fatty acid will cause weight gain. Short chain and medium chain fatty acids are ‘natural’ fats. Long chain fatty acids require digestion and time to break down, although many monounsaturated fats are long chain fatty acids. Olive oil is one such fatty acid and very heart healthy.

Treat Fungal and Yeast Infections With Coconut Oil

Individuals who eat a coconut rich diet experience fewer fungal and yeast infections. There is a natural ingredient found in coconut oil called caprylic acid. This ingredient alone can treat fungal and yeast infections. Although caprylic acid is sold in supplement form, keep a jar of coconut oil in the cupboard and you won’t have to waste your money on expensive supplements. However, some health experts recommending mixing a caprylic acid capsule with coconut for added potency.

Cellulite, Why can’t it just go away!

Studies have shown that 95% of women are affected by cellulite. Steps are taken to prevent this however in many instances it is hereditary. These Cellulites reveal themselves in many forms sometimes showing up on our favourite body parts. Many have tried, saunas, creams, medication and a range of different diets, yet still they appear and remain.

Improve Elasticity in the Skin with Coconut Oil

If you look at the skincare industry today, it is constantly manufacturing products that promise to improve elasticity in the skin. Collagen and elastin are two essential components in the skin that the body loses as it ages. Some skincare products may contain extracts of coconut oil, but using it alone improves elasticity in the skin. The Skin Age Test There’s a useful test that you can try at home that gives you an indication of your skin’s current age. Pinch the back of your hand for five minutes, and dependent on your age, the time it takes for the