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Improve Elasticity in the Skin with Coconut Oil

If you look at the skincare industry today, it is constantly manufacturing products that promise to improve elasticity in the skin. Collagen and elastin are two essential components in the skin that the body loses as it ages. Some skincare products may contain extracts of coconut oil, but using it alone improves elasticity in the skin. The Skin Age Test There’s a useful test that you can try at home that gives you an indication of your skin’s current age. Pinch the back of your hand for five minutes, and dependent on your age, the time it takes for the

Treat Obesity With Coconut Oil

The title of this blog post may sound strange, but researchers are so versed in the health-benefits of coconut oil that they are now recommending this medium chain saturated fat as a prevention and treatment of obesity. There are many reasons why we should read more into coconut oil and learn why this saturated fat is a helpful aid in a society that is stricken with man-made diseases like diabetes and obesity. Coconut oil is a medium chain saturated fatty acid. Not all saturated fats are created equal. Avoid long chain fatty acids, like those found in polyunsaturated fats, found

10 Ways That Coconut Oil Can Benefit Health

Organic coconut oil has received its fair share of propaganda in recent times. However, this oil has wonderful benefit for the internal health of the body, as well as moisturising the skin, hair, and nails. If you buy organic coconut oil, try to get into the routine of taking one or two teaspoonfuls per day. Alternatively, organic coconut oil can be heated to very high temperatures during cooking, which makes it extremely versatile.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty and Save Money With Virgin Coconut Oil

There is a reason why the coconut tree is called the tree of life. People who live in tropical countries depend on coconuts for calories, fat content, and moisture. Not only is coconut oil amazing for the hair, but it is also a versatile ingredient that can be added to any home made skin care cream. Try adding it to a brown sugar moisturising scrub for super silky skin.

Forget me not

Have you ever wondered why for some remembering everything is so easy. They remember minute details such as a place and time and you find yourself struggling to remember a face much less a name. The fact remains that some are able to quickly retain and comprehend new things while for others the art of remembering requires a bit of work.

Learn How to Make A Coconut Oil Enriched Lip Balm

There are thousands of lip balms to choose from in today’s cosmetics market. It can make us feel pretty to dot a sparking gloss on our lips, but at what cost to our health. If you cannot read a particular ingredient then how do you know it is a safe product for the body? Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the human body and absorbs everything that is placed upon it. Try feeding it nutrition like organic coconut oil and raw shea butter. You are able to buy small pots or sticks online. If you prefer flavour, use

Revive Colour-Treated Hair with Coconut Oil

If you regularly bleach and colour your hair, it can soon become dry and brittle. Remember that the hair is porous. Whatever you place on your hair is also absorbed into your body, so feed it well. Eating a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and essential fatty acids (found in fish and raw nuts) can go a long way to supporting your hair to look lustrous and feel stronger, however, when hair is damaged through regular heat treatment and hair dyes, a healthy diet may not be enough to treat the imbalance. There is a superstar treatment for

Learn How to Treat Oral Thrush With Coconut Oil in Hours

Cococnut Oil for Oral Thrush

When we hear of candida infections, many immediately think of vaginal yeast infections in women or diaper rash in infants, however, candida infections is not limited to this. This candida fungus are present in the digestive tract, skin and mouth of most healthy people, but is kept under control by other bacteria in the body. Things such as antibiotics, birth control pills and stress disrupts this balance causing thrush. This flare is usually sudden and can be chronic persisting for some time.

Improve Fitness and Stop Loss of Muscle Mass With Virgin Coconut Oil

Many health enthusiasts are learning about the benefits of virgin coconut oil and how it can help to improve their fitness goals. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which converts into monolaurin in the body. This makes it an excellent anti-microbial agent in the body, as athletes are prone to the fungal infection, Athletes foot.

Get Soft Shiny Locks With Organic Coconut Oil

If you look at the many ingredients in hair conditioner you are likely to see coconut oil. This ingredient is used in conditioners because it is nutritious, smells gorgeous, and encourages hair regrowth. However, there is no need for you to buy an expensive designer hair care product when organic virgin coconut oil will provide the same results, minus the extra chemical ingredients.