Eat Coconut Oil While Dieting

You should definitely eat coconut oil while dieting. There is a reason why coconut oil is now known as a wonder food, and this is because of the way it is absorbed by the body. The people who eat a diet high in saturated fats like coconut or palm oil experience fewer diseases, a lean body, and have super soft smooth skin. Saturated fat is still attacked, yet the health experts forget to mention the reason why these people remain so healthy. They are what they eat. The attack on coconut oil was made by the soybean industry, and even today some people would prefer to keep saturated fat out of their diet, and continue to eat low fat foods that are expensive and void of nutrients. We must re-educate ourselves on nutrient rich foods, and coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods you can buy to store in your kitchen cupboard.

The Diet Obsession

We have been educated to stay away from saturated fat, which is a mistake because saturated fats are proven to protect the heart, improve the immune system, and even boost brain health. See the research conducted by Weston A Price. The truth is that not all saturated fats are created the same. Low fat foods may not contain much fat, but they do contain an addictive ingredient—sugar. Sugar is known to contribute to weight gain. Therefore, eating a low fat diet can contribute to weight gain. Because weight loss foods contain no fat (which adds texture and flavour), sugar is added instead. Rather than to educate themselves, people follow the latest diet crazes and make weight loss companies very profitable in the process.

Instead, if overweight or obese individuals added coconut oil to their diet, it may help them achieve the weight loss they crave. Polyunsaturated fats contribute to weight gain, but we are told they are healthy. Again, read Weston A Price’s article, ‘The Oiling of America’ for the hard facts.

Why eat coconut oil while dieting?

Coconut oil is different from the very unhealthy trans saturated fats found in pies and pastries. The fat structure is different because this oil is natural. Polyunsaturated fats are man-made, and it takes the body a long time to digest them. The body favours foods that can be absorbed without digestion, and coconut oil does this very well. The medium chain fatty acid structure of coconut oil can contribute toward long-term weight loss, hence making it ideal to eat coconut oil while dieting.

Coconut oil is still a fat, but much research has shown that adding this oil to your diet can gradually improve the metabolic rate and support weight loss. If you don’t like the thought of eating coconut oil off the spoon, use it for frying and baking. The body breaks down medium chain triglycerides immediately to use as calorific energy, so there’s minimal risk of this saturated fat causing weight gain. Ditch the low fat diets and, instead, add coconut oil to your diet. In time, you will notice inch loss and a reduction in sweet cravings.

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