The Diabetes Epidemic: Coconut Oil for Diabetes

Coconut Oil for Diabetes : The obesity epidemic had caused a lot of man-made disease, including type-II diabetes. Type-I diabetes is where an individual is unable to product insulin, so injections are necessary for survival. Type-II diabetes may often appear in older adults, although weight gain is a precursor for this disease.

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Eating Saturated Fats

The people who survive on a heavy diet of saturated fats, including coconut and palm oils, in the tropical countries have never experienced man-made diseases like Type-II diabetes. This is because the saturated fat is nothing like the trans-fatty acids we are repeatedly told not to eat today.

Not all saturated fats are the same, but the mainstream media fail to point this out. Instead, we survive largely on a diet that contains far too many polyunsaturated fats. They are in everything from crisps and processed foods to pastries and frozen food. We are taught that polyunsaturated are the ‘healthier’ fats, but this is not the case.

Why is it that individuals who eat a diet rich in natural saturated fats experience minimal weight gain, heart trouble, and diabetes? We have been scared into eating a low fat diet, but what we need to do is to re-educate ourselves on the healthy saturated fats. Dr Weston Price can help us in that area.

The Pacific Islands Study

The Nauru population survived largely on a diet of bananas, coconuts, and yams for centuries. Diabetes was unheard of, but after phosphate deposits were discovered on the island, the population changed its lifestyle and began to eat a diet rich in processed vegetables oils and sugar. Over time, a disease that was never heard of in this population began to rear its ugly head. The population was no longer immune to the Western man-made disease known as diabetes. The World Health Organization now reports that around 50 percent of the Nauru population has diabetes. All this was caused a simple diet change from saturated fat to polyunsaturated fats. If polyunsaturated oils are so healthy, why did this population experience diabetes?

Mainstream doctors recommend a diet low in fat to treat diabetes, which can support individuals, but there is another way to treat diabetes and that is with the medium chain saturated fat known as coconut oil.

Coconut Oil for Diabetes

The reason why coconut oil works to control diabetes is its ability to manage blood glucose levels. The saturated fat found in coconut oil is absorbed as energy by the body. This means that it is metabolized differently. Unlike trans-fatty acids, which the body finds difficult to break down and process, medium chain fatty acids, like those found in coconut oil, actually support the body in many ways. As well as its anti-fungal benefits, coconut-products support weight loss. Polyunsaturated fats are difficult for the body to break down, as they were never designed to be consumed. Our belief that polyunsaturated fats are the ‘healthier’ fat may be the reason why obesity is plaguing the world today. Turning to eating saturated fats for weight loss is too difficult for people to comprehend, so the weight loss manufacturers continue to profit from their low fat sugar-rich processed foods. Sugar is an addictive substance that can lead to diabetes.

Manage your diabetes by changing your diet to include coconut products like organic virgin coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut meat. The body is better able to convert medium chain fatty acids into instant energy. This means that saturated fats will not cause weight gain. They improve the metabolism and control blood sugar levels. The best way to treat man-made diseases like diabetes is to research why they appear in the first place. Polyunsaturated fats are still classified as a healthier fat, but a change in diet onto saturated fats like palm and coconut oils can change your life and treat your diabetes.

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