Treat Your Pets With Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, especially the organic virgin type, is a healthy food source suitable for use by both humans and animals. Horses, for example, may experience discomfort on their hooves, but the regulator application of coconut oil can help to heal and soothe. The oil can also be used as a shiner to encourage a healthy mane.

Some horses like to eat bread. Try smothering the bread with melted coconut oil. The medium chain fatty acid, lauric acid is absorbed by the body and transported into the potent antifungal, monolaurin. Therefore, it will boost the immune system of your animal. In a case of strangles at one particular farm in Lancashire, one of the horse’s owners fed her horse coconut oil and he did not contract the disease. When strangles is a disease that is easily spread by touch, it is wonderful to know that we can now heal and improve the immune system of our pets and animals by feeding them organic coconut oil.

Try using coconut oil on your pet. Add coconut oil to any cuts and scrapes for rapid healing, and add it to their feed to improve the animal’s immune system.

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