Why Coconut is Classified a Superfood

With so many superfoods on the market today, there is a chance that we can be manipulated into buying the latest health products that promise optimum health. Coconut oil is a superfood, but a decade ago, people believed the health experts and turned away from this beneficial oil because it contained saturated fats. What we need to do as individuals is to form our own decisions after performing our own research. You may be wondering why coconut oil can be classified a superfood?

Coconut Oil Aids Weight Loss

Coconut oil releases medium chain fatty acids. These are used in a different way by the body. It is true that coconut oil contains up to ninety percent saturated fat, but medium length fatty acids can be quickly converted to energy by the body. Therefore, anyone who would like to lose weight should consume coconut oil. A study on medium chain fatty acids discovered that just 15 to 30 grams per day increased the energy output and resulted in an additional burn of 120 calories per day.

Coconut Oil Releases Ketones

One way to release ketones is to eat a low carbohydrate high protein diet, but coconut oil also releases ketones. Research has discovered that brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s react therapeutically to ketones. Another benefit of ketones is its ability to suppress the appetite. In a study, the men who consumed the highest dose of medium chain fatty acids consumed approximately 256 fewer calories each day.

Coconut is the Tree of Life

There is a reason why the people who consume the saturated fat from coconuts are some of the healthiest people on Earth. The fat content in coconut oil does not contribute to heart disease. In fact, studies have shown that the South Pacific population called Tokelauans, are in excellent health with no risk of heart disease. Health conscious people in the Western world have slowly changed their mind about coconut oil and now realise that this oil is a superfood that delivers an array of health benefits.

Coconut Oil is Versatile

Apply it to the hair as a nutritious conditioner, smother your body in it after a bath or shower, and add a small amount to the underarms as a deodorant and dust it with a little bicarbonate of soda. Oil pulling is an effective way to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth, protect the gums, strengthen the enamel, and reduce halitosis. Coconut oil is a beneficial oil with which to use for pulling.

To Summarise

Coconut oil is classified a superfood because of its different medium chain fatty acid structure. These fatty acids support weight loss, can provide therapeutic benefits to people with brain degenerative diseases, and it is an affordable way to moisturise the hair, skin, and nails.

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