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Proven Old Wives’ Tales to Sooth Your Baby

Coconut oil has many uses. It has anti-fungal properties, which makes it the perfect ointment for any skin condition, including psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, athlete’s foot, and even dandruff. The anti-microbial properties of coconut oil make it ideal to consume on a daily basis as an immune system booster. Take up to three tablespoons daily, or use it in cooking. It also improves gut flora.

The vast number of benefits that coconut oil brings also makes it a cost-effective way to improve the skin tone, condition the hair, and improve the immune system so it can fight off parasitic infection and viruses.

Treat a Baby’s Discomfort

Coconut oil is a nourishing product for a newborn baby. Apply a small amount on your baby’s diaper rash. It will heal the skin leaving it baby soft, without the release of harsh chemicals. Cradle cap is also preventive with coconut oil. Rub a little oil into your baby’s scalp daily and it will nourish the skin and prevent the baby’s discomfort.

Using Coconut Oil on the Skin

Age spots can signal your age, but the daily rubbing of coconut oil can help to fade them. Coconut oil is also an effective oil to use to prevent razor burn. The oil is non-clogging, which makes it ideal for the body, skin, and nails.

When massaged into the hair, it will support cell regeneration and reduce the risk of hair loss. The body can be prone to bruises if it lacking vitamin C, but coconut oil will reduce redness and swelling, thereby aiding the healing process. It will also help to aid the healing of a burn and prevent permanent scarring.

Do you have a mole that you would like to remove, simply apply coconut oil to the mole after dabbing it with apple cider vinegar. Repeat this for several weeks. Coconut oil is ideal to use on a fresh tattoo. It will soothe the itchy skin during the healing process and stop the ink pigment from fading.

To prevent aging, massage coconut oil into the face at night, and apply it gently under the eye area to prevent puffiness and wrinkles. Try using coconut oil with the oil-cleansing method.

To Summarise

There are many reasons why coconut oil is known as a versatile oil. It is suitable for all ages, and its multi-purpose benefits make it a staple product that everyone should have in their kitchen cupboard.

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