Can you recognise the signs of a heart attack?

A Heart attack in simple terms are damage to the heart muscles. These heart muscles require a constant supply of oxygen and this is provided through our blood through our coronary arteries. Should these arteries not function well, blood cannot flow to our hearts as it should.

Proteins, calcium and fatty matter can sometimes build up within these arteries causing blood clots which in effect starve the heart of oxygen. This damage to our muscles or heart attack is permanent and cannot be undone.

A heart attack can also be caused by a coronary spasm as these spasms reduce blood supply to the heart muscles. Each artery supply blood to a section of the heart thus the damage would depend on the size of the area supplied by blood from the blocked artery.

The healing process starts immediately however it can take up to eight weeks to heal. Like other wounds a scar is left in the damaged area lessening the hearts ability to pump blood in other areas as the scar don’t contract.

With caution and care these can be prevented. Here are it’s symptoms:

A discomfort, heaviness or pain in your arms chest or below breastbone.
A discomfort that seems to radiate to your throat, jaw, throat, back and arm
Choking, full feeling or indigestion. These may imitate heartburn
Nausea, vomiting dizziness or sweating
Anxious feeling, short breath or excessive weakness
Irregular and fast heartbeats

This list is not exhausted however if symptoms are lasting more than 30 minutes and are not relieved by nitroglycerin or rest, seek immediate medical attention.

Not all heart attacks come with symptoms (especially if you’re diabetic) however exercise due care and caution.

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