Coconut Products and Consumption

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If you’re amazed by the health benefits of organic coconut oil, and you feel that you’re ready to consume coconut products, the next question you may ask yourself is: how much should I take? The oil taken by itself is incredible. Not only will you consume all of the anti-viral benefits, which can support the health of individuals with immune-suppressing diseases like HIV and AIDS, but the anti-bacterial benefits also make it useful to use on the hair, skin, and nails.

Coconut Products: Meat

The meat of the coconut is rich in the oil. As you eat it the meat is converting into oils, which are readily absorbed as energy for the human body. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid. It’s not like the harmful trans fatty acids that are found in cakes and pastries. It can be heated to very high temperatures, which makes it extremely safe for cooking and baking.

There are many methods that you can use to crack open a coconut. Some people recommend freezing the coconut for fifteen minutes, while others tell you to cook it in the oven for a short period. The head of the coconut will have three openings. One of these will open with a little pressure from a screwdriver, and this lets you remove the coconut water for drinking. Next, you can crack the coconut with a hammer over a concrete floor, or use the blunt end of a machete to crack open the husk. Wrap it in a towel so that it doesn’t make too much of a mess. The meat should remove easily from the husk, but on occasions it may be sticky and require a little more effort. In this case, try either of the cooking in the oven or the freeze for fifteen minutes coconut-opening methods.

Coconut Products: Milk

Coconut milk is thick and rich. It’s ideal for use in dishes like dhal soup, curry, and even rice pudding. Try using coconut oil in spicy dishes, as it will reduce the fiery flavor. It can set in the can so always pour it into a cup before using and whisk until fluid. It’s also great to pour over fresh fruits.

Coconut Products: Water

Another of the coconut products to consume is coconut water. It’s very rich in electrolytes, which the body requires during periods of exercise and sickness. It’s often available in health food stores for a high price per carton, but you can buy it from Iceland for approximately £0.69 per can. It contains coconut meat, but you can filter this out if you want to drink only the water. Don’t listen to the health experts telling you to stay away from coconut water. Yes, it might be calorific but test this against the exercise benefits you get from drinking it during a workout. It gives the muscles exactly what it needs. Feel free to read my coconut water tababa protocol for further details.

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