Get Soft Shiny Locks With Organic Coconut Oil

If you look at the many ingredients in hair conditioner you are likely to see coconut oil. This ingredient is used in conditioners because it is nutritious, smells gorgeous, and encourages hair regrowth. However, there is no need for you to buy an expensive designer hair care product when organic virgin coconut oil will provide the same results, minus the extra chemical ingredients.

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Hair

There is a reason why men and women in warmer climates who live on a coconut rich diet have shiny dark locks. The reason is coconut oil. Microbes are a common problem in today’s environment. They can lead to weak brittle hair, hair loss, and dandruff. Coconut oil contains a natural anti-microbial, which protects the hair from microbes. The regular use of coconut oil can effectively relieve dandruff and stop its return. In fact, using coconut oil to treat dandruff is far cheaper than buying the dandruff designed hair products.

How to Use Coconut Oil on the Hair?

Coconut oil is not a greasy oil, however, it is best to melt it down to apply on the hair. Smooth it into the scalp and gently massage it into the ends. Leave the oil to penetrate the hair overnight, if you can.

Alternatively, apply coconut oil to your hair during the day, leave for up to four hours, and wash out thoroughly. Wrap your hair in a towel, which will further benefit your hair. Two shampoos should be enough to remove the oily residue. Comb through, leave the hair to dry naturally (although coconut oil is a wonderful hair protector) and enjoy your day. Voila, soft shiny hair that smells of ripe coconuts.

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