Healing crisis will affect 79% of the population, learn how to protect yourself

Whether you consume coconut oil, milk, meat, or water, you may experience a healing crisis in the early stages. Some people can experience runny stools, while others have constipation. The more coconut oil or derivatives you consume, the higher the possibility that your body will experience a healing crisis.

Reason for The Healing Crisis

If the body is deficient in a vitamin, mineral, or enzyme and the body suddenly receives it, the body may experience a healing crisis. This does not happen in everyone, but the issue that you are trying to treat may accelerate and make you feel worse for a short period.

Some products like coconut oil are powerful, as they are both antibacterial and antifungal. This can cause the body to fall into a detoxification, as it starts to cleanse and rebuild itself. This detoxifying effect can leave the body feeling nauseous or fatigued, as two examples.

Non-conventional therapists will say that the healing crisis is having a positive effect. The same can happen if you consume many coconut products, including the water, oil, and milk. This can happen both internally and externally. For example, if you are using it on the skin you may experience a break out in spots. This may make you discontinue use of coconut oil, but it is also likely that your body is also detoxifying. If you experience no difference after four weeks, discontinue use.

How Does the Body Detox 

Much of the detoxification occurs through the bloodstream, as the toxins are pulled from the tissues. Common symptoms of the healing crisis include skin rashes, aches and pains, depression, fatigue, nausea, and even mood swings. You may experience one or more symptoms for up to a week. For example, when I began oil pulling with coconut oil I experienced nasal congestion for several days. It felt like a cold but I didn’t have the sore throat or usual blocked nose. It was my body clearing excessive mucus. If you experience runny stools after eating coconut oil, you may have digestive trouble. This is a signal that your body is reacting to the coconut oil and making the necessary adjustments to allow for a higher dosage. Try also eating coconut meat and using coconut milk in meals.

Gradually Increase the Dosage

If you plan to take coconut oil, don’t take too much all at once. This may cause a rapid detoxification effect, and you don’t want to feel ill in the first few days. Gradually increase the dosage of coconut products. There is nothing to fear if you experience a healing crisis when taking coconut oil. Give the body time to heal.

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