Enhance Your Natural Beauty and Save Money With Virgin Coconut Oil

There is a reason why the coconut tree is called the tree of life. People who live in tropical countries depend on coconuts for calories, fat content, and moisture. Not only is coconut oil amazing for the hair, but it is also a versatile ingredient that can be added to any home made skin care cream. Try adding it to a brown sugar moisturising scrub for super silky skin.

Did you know that oil can be used to dissolve dirt on the skin, and the oil cleansing method is an effective method that will thoroughly cleanse the pores? Warm a little oil in the hands, apply to the face, and remove the oil with a hot flannel.

Coconut oil also makes a fabulous deodorant, when used with bicarbonate of soda (a fabulous deodoriser). Simply apply a little coconut to clean armpits, and dot a little bicarbonate of soda on top.

Think about how much you spend on beauty products over the year? Virgin coconut oil is far less pricy, and it offers tremendous benefits for the internal and external body. Invest in a jar of coconut oil and feed your body from the inside.

Unless you can read and understand the ingredients that are in your current skincare products or anti-perspirant / deodorant, you should not be using them. Turn to natural beauty-giving products like Virgin organic coconut oil.

Also consider how much you spend on sunscreens during the summer periods. They have a short shelf life, are expensive, and blocks the important sun rays the body relies on to product Vitamin D. Virgin coconut oil has a natural sun protection factor of 4, and it doesn’t leave the body feeling greasy.

The skin is a living-breathing organ, which must be respected. If it is constantly being bombarded with alien ingredients, it will react by creating a toxic environment. However, it is possible to halt any further damage and heal the internal body by investing in products that nurture the body. Coconut oil is one such product.

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