Learn Why Eating Virgin Coconut Oil Can Improve Health

A lot of research has been done on coconut oil and its health benefits, but the mainstream media largely suppresses this information. The horror stories that coconut oil can lead to weight gain, and heart disease were a common problem before researchers discovered the wonderful benefits of this natural oil. There is research to show that virgin coconut oil (the more expensive types) can prevent heart disease, improve the immune system, aid in weight loss, and is a rich moisturiser for the hair, skin and nails.

The multiple benefits that are attained when you ingest coconut oil are largely attributed to its medium chain fatty acids, including capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. These potent anti-microbial destroy fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The human body aids greatly by converting lauric acid into the potent anti-microbial, monolaurin. This is why coconut oil is so effective to treat hair conditions and boost hair regrowth. The latest research into monolaurin is its ability to protect the body against AIDS, when used as an HIV treatment.

The Contraindications of Coconut Oil

Too much coconut oil can lead to diarrhoea or loose stools in some individuals. Limit the intake to just one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil each day to prevent this, if you are susceptible. Coconut oil is excellent for cooking. Instead of frying in butter or vegetable oils, try a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, which retains its benefits even when used at high temperatures.

How Can Coconut Oil Help

Brain degenerative diseases include Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and they are on the rise. Coconut oil can largely reduce the unpleasant symptoms of each disorder, as researchers have discovered that ketones support healthy brain activity,  and a lack of ketones can cause an increased risk of developing these brain degenerative diseases. Other ways in which the body releases ketones is through intermediate fasting or switching to a high protein low carbohydrate diet.

In addition, Virgin coconut oil improves skin health, reduces hair and scalp irritation, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, aids weight loss, improves the immune system, relieves anxiety, speeds up the metabolism, relieves constipation, improves oral health, and strengthens the skeletal system.

The Brain Relies on Cholesterol

The over bombardment of messages in the media promoting a low-fat diet to improve health may have resulted in lower cholesterol levels, but cholesterol is also a key component of brain health. 25 percent of our brain mass is comprised of cholesterol, so you can only wonder what happens if the brain is not receiving enough cholesterol. Egg yolks are a good source of healthy cholesterol.

Early onset Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have discovered, is caused through a lack of cholesterol in the brain. This cholesterol is used as an antioxidant, structural support for the network of neurons, electrical insulator to prevention leakage and supports all membranes to function as they should.

Avoid Copra Coconut Oil

Refined coconut oil is known as copra. It is safe to use on the skin. Dried coconut flesh is the ingredient used to make refined coconut oil, but it is a very different form of the nutrient rich virgin coconut oil that is widely used today to improve skin and body health. When the coconut meat is dried (copra) it turns grey and loses its natural coconut scent. The copra is taken to a mill and pressed. However, because this oil is dirty, chemical are added resulting in a refined coconut oil. Many virgin coconut oils are not pure. They are cleaned through a centrifugal spinning machine and then classed ‘organic.’ The machine will remove the scent, but it also converts into trans fatty acids, which can block the skin’s pores. Natural Virgin coconut oil has a delicate scent and melts at body temperature.

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  1. says: George Street

    I have the oil in black coffee every! Day. I do have a problem with fungal rash. The oil seems to combat . Although I have two attacks recently.

  2. says: Cecille Dinglàsan

    I FULLY AGREE WITH YOUR ARGUMENTS AS I AM A SMALL VCO maker from my home kitchen for my personal use and i enjoy the full benefits of VCO for almost ten years now. At 72 i dont find wrinkles on my face nor have signs of brain defficient nutrients.

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