Easy Way to Defeat Acne With Organic Coconut Oil

If you suffer from acne you may believe that applying any oil will make the skin worse. However, this is not true in the case of organic coconut oil. A recent study by the Journal of Dermatological Science proved that coconut oil contained properties that can aid acne sufferers.

The study compared two of the three medium chain fatty acids found in organic coconut oil—lauric and capric acid. The third fatty acid, caprylic acid is effective against Candida and other types of yeast and fungi. Lauric acid has shown in studies to provide a potent antimicrobial action on the skin, and capric acid may not provide a result quite as potent as the lauric acid, but it is also effective. Organic coconut oil contains approximately fifty percent lauric acid; therefore, it is beneficial to apply to the skin, body, hair, and nails.

This study quite clearly evidences that coconut oil fights germs and benefits skin disorders. Another possible remedy for acne is turmeric and lauric acid. An unhealthy diet or a toxic liver may contribute to acne, but there are effective ways to help the body to heal. Take milk thistle to support detoxification of the liver. Keep the gut flora healthy with natural yoghurt and sauerkraut. Eat coconut oil to benefit the skin from within, and apply a small amount to the skin to protect the skin from further acne damage and help the skin heal.


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