I need a home miracle makeover, any suggestions

At times, we have so many problems with our skin and hair that it’s too scary to even count. When our hair is finally under control, our skin and face decides to get a mind of it’s own. We all want to look beautiful, but we can’t all pay for such. At times like this we all look for a home miracle makeover which is easy to do and gets results.

Don’t get despondent, there’s an easier solution. These tips are practical, for all ages, and can be kept as a routine either daily or weekly. It’s budget friendly and keeps you healthy.

Your probably wondering what miracle product this is. It’s none other than Coconut Oil. It keeps your skin and body in balance, giving you the holistic glow you always dreamed of.

Start by replacing your normal cooking oil with coconut oil. This oil can withstand high levels of heat and is immediately converted into energy.

For beautiful glowing controlled hair, use as a prewash or conditioner. This will deep condition your hair, kill harmful bacteria and lift dirt from the roots. It will also fortify your hair resulting in strong radiant glowing hair.

Lets move to the part that everyone sees first. Your face. Coconut oil is also a natural antioxidant containing vitamins A and C. These help nourish and repair damaged skin reversing common problems such as wrinkles and healing sun burns. Feel free to use as a makeup remover or cleanser.

Last but not least care for your skin and feet. Mix some coconut oil in a bath and use as a relaxing soak. It is a great anti fungal treatment and would kill bacteria on skin keeping it healthy.

Wasn’t that simple? Start using coconut oil today and watch your body and skin transform. Not only will it give you an external glow but an internal one as well.

Summer is right around the corner so don’t waste time.

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