Beat Cellulite With Coconut Oil

It is important to be aware of what you put on your skin because it is the largest organ in the human body. Organic coconut oil is a miraculous oil not only for the hair, skin, and nails, but it’s also edible and is ideal to use in cooking. Now there is evidence to suggest that coconut oil can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Reduce Cellulite

Regularly brush your body for 5 to 10 minutes per day before a shower or bath.  This encourages blood flow and encourages the lymphatic system to remove toxins.

Take a warm shower to prepare the body for the coconut oil dry body brushing massage. This will open the pores and make it easier for the oil to penetrate the skin. Don’t worry about ruining the brush, as a regular wash with soap and water will keep it clean. Massaging the oil in with the brush helps to exfoliate the skin and leaves it feeling baby soft.

After applying the coconut oil with the body brush, take another hot shower and apply another layer of coconut oil as moisturisation. Essential oils can be blended with coconut oil and added to the skin after a bath or shower.  Remember to drink plenty of water before and after a massage, which detoxifies the body and leaves it with a youthful glow.

How Often

Practice this technique several times a week, and try to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices throughout the week to further manipulate the body into tiptop health both internally and externally. If you body brush with coconut oil every day then you will see results more rapidly, but remember that diet also helps.

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