Secret Healthy Cholesterol Diet & Cholesterol lowering foods

The consumer is constantly bombarded with news that cholesterol is ‘bad.’ However, what the mainstream media fail to mention is that the brain relies on cholesterol to function normally. A defect in cholesterol is linked to brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. This question is often asked “Healthy Cholesterol Diet & Cholesterol lowering foods, Is there such a thing?”

The field of psychology has linked low levels of cholesterol to feelings of violence, suicide, and an increased risk of accidents. Coconut oil is rich in cholesterol. The body absorbs the saturated fats almost immediately, as they are medium chain fatty acids. This makes coconut oil an effective energy source to consume directly before exercise.

Butter is a natural source of fat, but margarine is a man-made product that has colours added to give it the look of butter. Without the addition of colours, margarine is in fact grey.

The Brain Relies on Cholesterol

A healthy brain function relies on cholesterol to function well. Cell membranes are built from fat. If we deprive our body of cholesterol, and consume only the healthy fats of omega 3 and 6, there is no doubt that we may encounter troubles with our brain and its composition.

The body was never designed to eat man-made processed foods, but our own lifestyle choices have turned us into an unhealthy species. Relying on cholesterol reducing medication will, most definitely, affect how the brain works.  Low serotonin levels are linked to low levels of cholesterol. It is this fat source that we need to form the synapse to make myelin, an insulating cover for the nerves. In addition, several neurotransmitters rely on cholesterol to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Reduce Low Density Lipoproteins

The healthier way to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels in addition to healthy cholesterol diet is to engage in regular exercise, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking foods from scratch, and consuming healthy levels of cholesterol like those found in organic coconut oil. The point here is not to be fearful when the mainstream media links another negative story with cholesterol. Many companies who manufacture cholesterol-reducing produce rely on the consumer’s ignorance to sell the product. The truth is that cholesterol is necessary for the correct functioning of the brain and heart.

Rich Sources of Cholesterol

Healthy cholesterol diet and  cholesterol lowering foods which are rich in cholesterol include egg yolks, liver pate, caviar, butter, shrimp, cheese, and shellfish. Highly processed foods will also contain cholesterol and are best avoided, as they may increase the low-density lipoproteins (LDL unhealthy cholesterol). Coconut oil will improve our cholesterol levels, but rather than believe that this is a bad, consider that the people who eat a diet high in coconuts have a lower risk of developing heart disease. Therefore, coconut oil increases the high-density lipoproteins  (HDL the healthy cholesterol).

There are two levels of cholesterol, the bad and the good. The total cholesterol levels are not an indicator as to the health of the heart. A high cholesterol level that has a dominant HDL poses no risk to the heart. In the majority of deaths relating to heart disease, the individuals had a below normal or lower level of total cholesterol.

Remember, cholesterol is necessary for the healthy functioning of the heart and brain. Rely on healthier sources of cholesterol like organic coconut oil. Eat it on a spoon several times per day, or get used to cooking with it in place of butter and other oils.

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