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Coconut oil has wrongly come in for some bad press over the past few decades, ever since saturated fats became linked with clogged arteries and heart disease. Fortunately new research has proven that contrary to the previously held belief that all saturated fats are harmful, there are a number of beneficial saturated fats, with coconut oil being the main source of these new healthy fats. Benefits of Coconut Oil are countless.

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Typically, saturated fats are made up of Long-Chain Fatty Acids (LCFA) which are indeed linked to heart disease. However, the fat molecules of coconut oil are made up of Medium-Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) which, uniquely, can be metabolised by the liver and used as a source of energy instead of being stored by the body as fat.


The inhabitants of tropical countries have long been aware of the many and varied benefits of the coconut. Organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil preserves the health-giving properties of the oil to maximum effect with a huge range of uses and benefits.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Used externally, coconut oil is well known as a hair and scalp treatment. Applied sparingly to the length of the hair it imparts a luxurious sheen to the hair shaft giving the effect of an expensive serum without the hefty price tag. The oil is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent scalp-soothing treatment which can help to combat both dandruff and psoriasis.


Ayurvedic medicine has long accepted the benefits of using coconut oil mixed with essential oils for massage therapy. The oil helps to soothe damaged skin and many people have found that it has a favourable impact upon skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea. It is also widely reputed to minimise bruising. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help to preserve the integrity of the epidermal layers whilst being a rich source of hydration for skin and hair.


Coconut oil can help in the treatment of a number of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, thrush and ringworm and has been proven to assist in the healing of ulcers and sore throats. Other uses for the oil include lice repellent when used on the hair and an increasingly popular use is for the gentle removal of all traces of make-up.


When ingested, the oil from the coconut flesh is easily digested and is helpful with a wide range of problems, from stimulating an underactive thyroid to helping to soothe the misery of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can aid the body in absorbing other nutrients in addition to being anti-microbial which makes it a powerful ally against harmful bacteria in the gut. It aids the liver, kidneys and pancreas in their functions and assists in the proper absorption of magnesium and calcium.


A daily teaspoon of coconut oil can help the body’s weight to stabilise, which can minimise the impact of disorders such as diabetes and it also helps to support the body’s immune system, making it an all-round health product. Since a little coconut oil goes a long way, this is a versatile and cost effective product to keep to hand in the bathroom, bedroom and the kitchen too.

There are just so many benefits of coconut oil that many book have been written about them.

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