Make Toothpaste With Bicarbonate of Soda & Organic Coconut Oil

Most dentists are pro-fluoride. They state that using this ingredient on the teeth helps to prevent plaque and tartar. However, sodium fluoride is used in rat poison and can be hazardous to health. The Nazi’s used fluoride in their prisoner’s water to make them docile and easier to manipulate. Another ingredient to avoid is sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulfate, a man made foaming agent.

There are several good brands of toothpaste that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and fluoride. However, you can make your own toothpaste with bicarbonate of soda and organic coconut oil. The educational system does a great job of making us stop questioning authority, when we should do that every day, especially with the products we use on our mouth, and on our hair, skin, and nails.

The Lowdown on Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of soda, another name for baking soda, has a low abrasion level. This is good news. The mild abrasive action cleanses the teeth, and the natural alkalinity neutralises the harmful acids in the mouth that contribute toward tooth decay. In addition, bicarbonate of soda is a natural odouriser.

The Lowdown on Organic Coconut Oil

You really can’t go wrong with organic coconut oil, especially if you wish to improve your current health. Organic coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits. Coconut oil not only small delicious, but also it tastes good too. Some people like to oil pull with organic coconut oil. This aids in the action of removing harmful bacterial, old food debris, and it pulls heavy metals from the body.

Method to Make Toothpaste

Use a 50/50 solution of organic coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda. If you can buy an empty tube online, you can store the ingredients in there. This natural toothpaste does not have to be refrigerated due to coconut oil’s natural antiviral properties. In addition, organic coconut oil will also sanitise your toothbrush. Organic coconut oil retails for around £10 per 500ml jar, and bicarbonate of soda is inexpensive and available from any large supermarket. Use a small amount on the brush whenever you brush your teeth, or dip your brush into the mixture (if kept in a small dish).

In Conclusion

Buying a toothpaste that contains natural ingredients can be pricy, but now you can make your own toothpaste with a small investment in a jar of organic coconut oil. Oil pulling has the wonderful effect of whitening the teeth naturally, so why not try using nature to clean your teeth, and avoid the man made ingredients that claim to do the same.


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