4 Tips for Loosing Weight With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride. This means that it is more natural for the body to digest. In fact, coconut oil is so readily digestible by the body that it boosts the metabolism and encourages weight loss. Here’s some coconut weight loss tips.

  • Steer clear of polyunsaturated oils like sunflower oil, and use only coconut oil, butter (short chain triglyceride) and mono-unsaturated fats like olive oil and nuts/seeds for cooking. Coconut oil is fabulous to eat as a snack for instant energy throughout the day. Eat up to four tablespoons a day.
  • Snack on desiccated coconut, or fresh coconut (if you prefer).
  • Instead of milk, try a dash of coconut milk with your morning coffee. Coconut milk is also good to use in Indian dishes like curry and dhal soup.
  • Coconut water is another fabulous product. It’s high in electrolytes, which the body loses post exercise. It’s also effective to drink more electrolytes during sick periods.

In Conclusion

Coconut weight loss is possible if you incorporate coconut oil, desiccated and fresh coconut, coconut water, and coconut milk into your diet. While you may not see the instant changes in your body, your metabolism will receive a boost and support healthy weight loss. It is important to remember though that coconut products are calorific, so don’t go too crazy on the fresh or dried coconut for snacking. Eat a small amount of coconut little and often.

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