Immediately treat minor cuts and burns with coconut oil to avoid scarring

A cut or burn both have one thing in common; if not treated and cared for properly they can take forever to heal making the process both painful and uncomfortable. Treat minor cuts and burns immediately.

That being said it is crucial that appropriate and immediate first aid steps are taken to treat the cut or burn. This will limit the damage that can be caused by any scalds or burn to your skin.

Immediately do the following should you or someone experience a burn.

Take urgent steps to treat the burn by stopping the burning process. Remove jewellery or clothing near the burnt area but do not remove anything stuck to your skin. Keep the area cool with lukewarm or cool water as soon as possible after the injury. Ice, iced water and creams are not recommended however after medical treatment and advice, coconut oil can be used to assist with the non scarring and healing process. Carefully wrap the wound with organic coconut oil, changing the wrapping on a daily basis. Results can be seen in as little as two days.

Paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken to reduce pain however always adhere to manufacturers instruction.

Seek medical attention for thick, deep or large burns, if your pregnant, over 60, burn is on a child under 5 years of age, or you have a medical condition.

Electrical burns and chemical burns are also very serious and requires immediate medical attention. They may seem harmless but can be damaging. Should you be assisting anyone with a chemical burn, wear protective clothing and brush off any dry chemical that can be seen on skin. Use running water to remove traces of the chemical.


This can show up as red painful patches on your skin. It is ideal to keep the area cool with creams such as sun cream lotions and moisturisers however coconut oil is also a great help to the healing and prevention of sunburn. Use a pea size amount of Organic Coconut Oil on the affected area both morning and nights. Immediate results can be seen. Most importantly, remain hydrated with lots of water.

These are tips that can be implemented however never hesitate to seek medical attention.

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