Tips to help your young ones stay focused

Kids today seem to have a great talent, multitasking. If they’re not surfing the web, they are texting, sending instant messaging, listening to music or using their iPod. These are all distractions that constantly compete for their attention. Interruptions are imminent and this makes it even more difficult for young ones to focus on the task at hand. Focusing requires self discipline, good strategies and concentration skills which can be nurtured. As parents we all want our kids to succeed. Below are practical tips that can help our kids focus.

Distractions will always be there

We cannot eliminate all the things that can be a distraction but we can minimise them. Total silence to focus are also not needed however things such as a nearby cellphone, turned on television or computer will not help. Place restrictions on these until homework is done. Certain music are known to help concentration thus why not try a little Bach. Encourage healthy eating as a good source of energy is needed to assist with concentration.

Set rules early

The earlier you set a routine for learning is the easier it will be to maintain. Have a study hour and encourage young ones to either sit quietly and colour or read their favourite book. Let your children know that along with their simple household chores, their job right now is to learn.

It’s homework time

Seasons constantly change hence flexibility and adaptation is needed. Summertime attract kids to the outdoors, and playing with other children is always inviting. Ensure homework is done correctly and neatly before going out to play.

Set a study area

Establish a low traffic quiet area in the home for study. Ensure the area is well lit and ventilated.

Have positive reinforcements

Positive rewards encourage kids to work however if not used carefully it can easily become bribes. Rewards can be kept simple like a trip to the museum or the movies. This is upon the successful completion of homework for each term or two week period.

Work along with the instructors and teachers

Get advice and support from your kids teachers or instructors. Try new ideas and work together to establish manageable short and long term goals.

Get a style that works

Each child has their own way of processing and learning new information. Find a method that works best for their study style and encourage them to use it. Some retain when they talk out loud or walk around, while some may need a quiet place to sit and think. Whichever style encourages learning and retention stick to it and you’ll see the results.

Communicate your goals clearly

Clearly explain and list your expectations to caregivers on study conditions and routine. Explain the need to sticking to allotted homework time in a quiet and distraction free environment. Make time to Check their even even if you weren’t there when it was being done.

Give proper praise

Getting children to sit quietly requires a lot of “p”s. Patience, Persistence, Practice and Positivity. Highlight your kids progress and offer constructive praise. This will make them feel better about themselves while nurturing the need to do better.

It’s never to late to start a study routine as it can only benefit all those involved.

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