Motivate yourself at work and feel your power

Technological advancement and social trends can make the “baby boomers” or “those born before the evolution of the social media”, feel powerless. We all have our own personal struggles. Whether it’s due to a personal situation, lack of recognition at work, or even the recession, it is critical that we find a way to limit that feeling of powerlessness.

This power that we are referring to is not found in our possessions, luxury, money or status but in how we relate to ourselves. There are many today that have more money and possessions they may need, and yet still they feel more powerless than you and I.

In order to motivate ourselves, it is important to pay heed to the following.

Stop engaging in selfless pain or making yourself a victim. It is good to worry, but excessive worrying can make you more vulnerable to bad things. When you worry, you consume your mind with many thoughts that make it difficult to alert you to real threats from imaginary ones. To worry or not to worry remains a choice and this can either free us to be effective or ineffective as the case may be. Living a longer, healthier and happier life is a goal we all have hence being optimists amid our perils can help for the better.

Make time to develop yourself. As humans this does not happen automatically. We do not want to be stuck in an adolescence or childhood era despite how old we get. To achieve adulthood, personal power is also required. This mean learning from your personal experiences as well as others, connecting with reality and setting new goals and a vision for yourself. You may start a new job in the mail room or as a receptionist, but your vision can be to become a Supervisor or Manager in the near future. Remember we write our own story.

Use your inner power to be creative. Go beyond what’s expected of you by continually exploring and discovering. Renew your mind with exciting thoughts and new points of view. Do not set boundaries for yourself. Make the open sky your limit. Once done you will see that life is not monotonous but is full of wonder. Keep observing what happens around you and learn from them. Be the change you want to see in the world. Remain active both physically and mentally and give your health a boost.

Finally, stop giving away your power. Becoming powerless is a process that happens over time. It happens so gradually that many times we do not realise it’s happening. It may start by giving up your opinion in small situations as you believe that what you may have to say is not popular and may not be readily accepted. You may even avoid giving your opinion to fit in or just to please others. Whatever the reason, following the opinion of the crowd will not build on your power but will take it away. Do not reduce your self worth for others. Drink lots of water to keep your thinking faculty clear, eat healthy to keep your heart and mind energised and take the necessary vitamins to keep yourself going.

People can only see and recognise the power that we give ourselves. Why not start today.

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