Cellulite, Why can’t it just go away!

Studies have shown that 95% of women are affected by cellulite. Steps are taken to prevent this however in many instances it is hereditary. These Cellulites reveal themselves in many forms sometimes showing up on our favourite body parts. Many have tried, saunas, creams, medication and a range of different diets, yet still they appear and remain.

What many don’t know is that there are several types and grades of Cellulites. Some are visible while others are not. The three most common types are Adipose, Oedematous and Fibrotic cellulite. Adipose cellulite is a firm cellulite giving the appearance of an orange peel effect on skin. Its name is taken after the Adipose cell the main structure used to store body fat.

The second most common form of cellulite is Oedematous cellulite. This is mainly fluid retention and shows itself as soft Cellulites on loose skin.

Fibrotic cellulite on the other hand is compact and hard creating the same orange peel effect.

These different types of cellulite can manifests itself as follows:
A) Not visible even if you pinch your skin
B) Not visible when lying or standing however the orange peel effect can be seen when skin is pinched.
C) Can be visibly seen when standing but not when lying.
D) The worst kind and this is seen whenever standing or lying.

Some Cellulites can be stubborn, however with a little extra movement such as a brisk walk or swimming, blood circulation will increase in effect loosening the stubborn fat tissues.

Here are a few tips:

After exercise, apply cellulite products that are high in Centella Asiatica, Ginkgo Biloba and Methyl Nicotine. These can be easily absorbed restoring the macromolecules, increasing blood circulation and promoting the decongestion of tissues reducing retained liquid.

Get a good massage or body scrub whenever you can. Regular visits for these can increase fat dispersion.

Move a little more during the day. Instead of sitting and simply sending emails, should distance and time permit, hand deliver your message. Have a break, walk to make a cut of tea this will keep your rear in shape.

Lastly, reduce your intake of processed and refined foods or foods high in chemicals, additives and sweeteners. Stay away from products high in fat and high sugar.

By following these tips we can say goodbye to Cellulites.

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