Did you know coconut oil kills germs and helps prevent skin infection

Sebum is the skin’s natural lubricant. It helps to keep the skin supple, prevents dryness, and keeps the skin looking young. It is the body’s job to do what it does best. However, what many people may not realize is that sebum is rich in medium chain fatty acids, the same found in palm and coconut oils. Naturally, the skin has a pH of 5, which is slightly acidic. No harmful bacterium can survive in an acidic environment. Therefore, coconut oil kills germs by assisting the skin create this acidic environment.

Coconut Oil Kills Germs and Prevent Infection

Perspiration on the skin supports the skin further by providing a chemical barrier against germs and infections. Some bacteria on the skin are beneficial and help to break down the medium chain fatty acids in the sebum into free fatty acids. Once the oils are free fatty acids, separated from their triglyceride structure, they turn into potent antimicrobial that protect the skin from infection.

Most of us use a soap of body wash in the bath or shower. This washes away the healthy sebum, but one way to prevent skin dryness and encourage the skin into an anti-bacterial environment is to apply coconut oil. Only a small amount is needed, as it’s a saturated fat and too much can leave an oily sheen, so apply a small amount at a time. While you may believe that a cleaner skin is less prone to infection, this is not true. The skin is most prone to infection after the acidic layer has been washed off. Coconut oil helps to replace the acidic layer in a rapid way.

Prevent Acne

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits of coconut are substantial and can assist in preventing acne. People who eat a rich diet in coconuts very rarely experience any of the problems found in Western society. Even diabetes is unheard of. Polynesians do not experience skin infections like acne or skin dryness. The saturated fat in coconut oil lubricates their body.

The skin is truly phenomenal. Whatever is placed upon it is absorbed. However, it also prevents infections and disallows millions of germs and bacteria from entering the system through the pores. Just like the immune system needs nutrition and exercise to maintain a healthy system, the skin can benefit and grow healthier from the regular application of coconut oil.

In Conclusion 

Coconut oil kills germs and prevents skin infections from occurring, and it does this by assisting in manufacturing the acidic layer of the skin, which is naturally present when the body perspires and mixes with the natural oils of the skin – sebum. Apply coconut oil to the skin after a bath or shower to kill germs and prevent infection.

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