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Delicious Coconut Oil, Carrot & Coriander Soup

This soup is a wonderful tasty winter warmer that is low in calories and perfect as a main meal when served with crusty bread. You might like to add an optional tin of kidney or butter beans to provide a kick of protein. The coconut oil provides a mild sweet flavour.

Secret Healthy Cholesterol Diet & Cholesterol lowering foods

The consumer is constantly bombarded with news that cholesterol is ‘bad.’ However, what the mainstream media fail to mention is that the brain relies on cholesterol to function normally. A defect in cholesterol is linked to brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. This question is often asked “Healthy Cholesterol Diet & Cholesterol lowering foods, Is there such a thing?”

Water Fasting With Coconut Oil, The Amazing Health Benefits For You

Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride. Although it is a saturated fat, it is especially useful for the brain through its release of ketones. During a water fasting, the body switches to using energy from fat reserves. This takes place during the second or third day. The body becomes reliant on ketones to maintain survival. Coconut oil releases ketones, which means that the energy is consumed immediately. It is not stored as fat in the body. This makes coconut oil a useful aid to use during a water fast. The detoxifying and antimicrobial benefits can make it useful to

Easy Way to Defeat Acne With Organic Coconut Oil

If you suffer from acne you may believe that applying any oil will make the skin worse. However, this is not true in the case of organic coconut oil. A recent study by the Journal of Dermatological Science proved that coconut oil contained properties that can aid acne sufferers.

Nurture The Skin With Love and Kindness This Winter

The winter period can cause change in the natural PH of the skin. The air is dry and it strips the natural oils from the skin. This can leave the skin looking dull and lacking natural radiance. However, this is not the time to spend your hard-earned money on expensive nourishing lotions and anti-aging creams when there are beneficial oils that you can use in your kitchen cupboard. Olive oil is a rather heavy oil, but a few drops added to a cup with several drops of essential oil will make a replenishing oil for the skin.

Why Coconut is Classified a Superfood

With so many superfoods on the market today, there is a chance that we can be manipulated into buying the latest health products that promise optimum health. Coconut oil is a superfood, but a decade ago, people believed the health experts and turned away from this beneficial oil because it contained saturated fats. What we need to do as individuals is to form our own decisions after performing our own research. You may be wondering why coconut oil can be classified a superfood? Coconut Oil Aids Weight Loss Coconut oil releases medium chain fatty acids. These are used in a

Proven Old Wives’ Tales to Sooth Your Baby

Coconut oil has many uses. It has anti-fungal properties, which makes it the perfect ointment for any skin condition, including psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, athlete’s foot, and even dandruff. The anti-microbial properties of coconut oil make it ideal to consume on a daily basis as an immune system booster. Take up to three tablespoons daily, or use it in cooking. It also improves gut flora.

Why Is Coconut Oil Considered Nature’s Miracle Oil

There is a reason why heart disease is low in tropical countries. The individuals eat a coconut rich diet. Yes, this is a saturated fat, but not all fats are created equal. Coconut oil is nature’s miracle oil, as it is a rich source of lauric acid – found in mother’s milk. A baby’s immune system can be strengthened when it is fed the right concoction of vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins. Children are susceptible to an array of childhood illnesses, but with a strong immune they have a fighting chance of survival.

Confused About How Much Coconut Oil You Should Eat?

Organic coconut oil is very beneficial oil that can be used on the hair, skin, and nails. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids, and the lauric acid turns into the anti-microbial monolaurin to treat internal problems in the body, and to support the immune system in AIDS victims. Organic coconut oil releases ketones. Many people follow a low carbohydrate high protein diet to promote the release of ketones to burn fat, but the regular consumption of coconut oil can aid fat loss without the unpleasant symptoms that manifest during a high protein low carbohydrate diet.