Learn How Coconut Oil Destroys Tooth Decay

In the past I tried oil pulling to support the health of my mouth, rather than treat an ongoing oral condition like tooth decay. Although I’m no longer oil pulling, I’ve relied on coconut oil for many years. I eat the meat, drink the water, and use the coconut oil for cooking. It’s an amazing oil full of saturated fat, vitamins and minerals… plus it tastes yummy. There is a study proving that digested coconut oil helps to destroy the tooth acids that contribute toward tooth decay. Some people rely on coconut oil for toothpaste. To make a pleasant tasting toothpaste, mix coconut oil with bicarbonate oil and peppermint oil.

Research Confirming Coconut Oil Destroys Tooth Decay

Researchers in Ireland’s Athlone Institute of Technology have confirmed that one of the antibiotic components found in digested coconut oil helps to kill the streptococcus bacteria, which encourages the breeding of teeth decaying acids that lead to tooth decay. Therefore, this particular antibiotic found in coconut oil could be of benefit in dental care products, researchers say.

Digested Coconut Oil

When the researchers tested for the streptococcus mutans in undigested coconut oil, they found no benefit. However, when the researchers added an enzyme (enzyme modified milk) to digest the coconut oil, the results were staggering. Antibiotics are used today to treat infection, but the trouble is that antibiotics treat the infection plus destroy beneficial antibodies. Therefore, new ways must be discovered to treat microbial infection without destroying beneficial antibodies that help to fight infection.

The research into coconut oil and tooth health is ongoing, but enzyme-modified milk has shown in previous studies to reduce streptococcus mutans, which cause tooth acids that can lead to tooth decay.

Semi-Digested Coconut Oil Benefits on Candida

Researchers also found that semi-digested coconut oil actually destroys Candida albicans. This yeast lives in the gut, but an over production can lead to problems like thrush and athlete’s foot.

In Conclusion

Researchers have confirmed that coconut oil destroys tooth decay. They added an enzyme into the coconut oil, which showed that it had digested in the body. The results were beneficial. There was a reduction in one particular bacterium—streptococcus. This mutan causes an over production of acids in the mouth, which can contribute to tooth decay. There are hopes that with further research this particular antibiotic found in coconut oil could be added to dental health products to support oral health. Simple ways to get these oral health benefits are to eat coconut oil regularly, use it for cooking, and eat coconut meat.

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