Stop throwing away your money! Here are 5 simple ways to save

We all deserve a good pampering session, however these short breaks may leave us with less money than we planned. Here are some wise suggestions that can help us save while we enjoy our few hours/ hour/day/night/week or weekend out.

We all have things that rest uncomfortably on our minds and these at times may cause us anxiety. To get away from this we may decide to take a short break, however upon our return, we may still have to face the situation. This may cause us to make decisions on the spur of the moment and these can cost us dearly.

Some of the things that may be of concern to us are our children’s diet and health, our health, our exercise routine, job security, or maybe even getting a job.

These are all serious matters of concern but we should not allow these to weigh us down. We can start with simple routines and over time, these can save us hundreds of pounds.

We can start by caring for ourselves. Our joints are a vital part of our body and needs to be in top working condition. We can keep our joints supple with the proper food and exercise. This will save us a lot as you will have no need for joint supplements.

Program yourself to get at least six hours sleep daily. Many say eight hours is the ideal amount but with a really busy schedule, six can do. This really depends on your routine. A healthy sleep regime will give you the clarity you need to make sound decisions.

Alzheimer’s is also a problem that affect many and can place a mental strain on family members. Research has shown that some foods can be linked to Alzheimer’s. By reducing such, an improvement can be seen.

When it comes to children, encourage a healthy diet. Should they show signs of being filled, they should stop eating. This works as a preventative measure to obesity thus saving you lots in the future.

Use coconut oil as a homemade remedy for ailments such as oral Thrush, high Cholesterol or as a cleanser or makeup remover. This will save you the time, hassle and money of having to get an over the counter drug or product.

Give yourself your own facial and keep your face and eyes bright and healthy. The process is simple and with a healthy diet it can be maintained.

Many don’t have the time and energy to join a gym. By effectively doing household chores such as cleaning and walking the dog, you can burn the unwanted calories. For a lot of people, it’s hard to walk their dogs, hence this can be an opportunity to pocket some extra cash yourself. You can start a dog walking service in your neighbourhood.

There are also some delicious treats that you can try. These are not only healthy but tasty.
Pineapple banana bread

Should you feel stressed give yourself a relaxing coconut oil feet soak.

These are just a few examples of ways we can save hence when a vacation or break is finally taken, it will be one that is well thought out and planned, saving us both time and money.

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