Keep it real: Part 3, Make Positive Changes

There are some things in life that not only do they depress us, but they sap the little joy that we may have left. One such thing is having a job or living in a house or apartment that we hate. This may weigh heavily on our minds preventing us from thinking and making wise decisions. Not everyone is privileged enough to have the job of their dreams hence we would have to adjust.

One positive change that we can make in such a situation is to change our mindset. Think about the benefits of having a job. If we didn’t, not only would we have to deal with the feeling of unhappiness but we would have lots of other stresses and anxieties. Think about how the job is helping you pay your bills and to get the basic necessities that you need. While maintaining that positive thought, you can search for something better. The key is to make the best out of whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

Change at times may mean leaving our comfort zone and because of this we may hate it. Some of us are also set in our ways, thus changing from a course that we clearly see will only lead to disaster is also very hard. One major element that is sometimes the most dificult to change is our eating and exercise habits. Many get scared as they think that such change must be drastic and when done they will not be able to keep up.

Whatever change we plan to make whether it’s a personality change, career change, our health or moving homes, the key is to take baby steps. We want to be able to stick to our changes and not quit and turn back. When we take baby steps it gives our body and mind time to adjust. Even if the situation may get a bit strenuous, the drawbacks will not be too big to handle, and this will allow you to continue on your journey to self improvement.

We must see the need to change in order to make the change. This can only come from us.

In our next part we will discuss steps to take in order to make wise and collected decisions.

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