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Keep it real: Part 4, Educate yourself and gain wisdom

You will agree that in order to make a decision, we must give ourself choices. These choices hopefully are not just ideas that we suddenly thought about, but ones that we would have researched carefully and saw the benefits off before making such change.

Almost all successful businessman or woman would have done the same before making those big decisions that changed their career path forever. They would have educated themselves on the career path they were interested in, learn as much about it as they can, and then make that big decision.

This is not conclusive as some have made spur of the moment decisions which launched their lives on a successful journey they never thought possible. These success stories however are few and far apart and the reality of it is that it may never happen to you. We all have big dreams but without the right support and guidance, it may never become a reality. Changes, whether big or small will cost us something. It may be our time, energy or money.

Even a task such as getting into shape requires a lot of forethought. This process starts mentally and would then manifest itself in other areas.

Here are some steps to take before making any decision.

Ask yourself:

What are the benefits of making such change?
How will it affect you both physically and mentally?
What is the cost involved?
How have others who have made a similar decision or decisions benefited or were affected by such change?
What will be required of you and can you keep up with such demands?

Some of us may even be considering to launch a new product. You can ask yourself:

Is there a need for your product?
Is there currently another product on the Market that may be cheaper and can also get the job done?

These points may seem repetitive but without the proper knowledge it can be disastrous.

Even when it comes to our health there are some questions that we must ask ourselves. These are:

What are my available options?
Can I really get into shape without exercising?
Will the implementation of saturated fat in my diet help me to lose weight?
Can I enjoy my favourite meals and at the same time lose or keep off the weight?
Do I really need to exercise for an hour everyday in order to stay fit?

On this road called “LIFE”, we all meet crosswords that require a decision from us. How successful we are is solely dependent on us.


In our last issue, we will discuss how we can “keep it real” for life.

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