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10 tips for a healthy 2016

Here are some Happy healthy tips for 2014. Many are content in their current lives, however for some of us our health is foremost on our minds. Many are not interested in New Years resolutions and I would agree they are not worth it.

Some resolutions are forgotten on the first day of the year. Keep your changes simple and remember the following:

1. Buying processed food? Then ensure that the washed greens, roasted nuts and sliced vegetables are prepped for convenience and are not over processed. Always read the labels of canned foods such as beans and tomatoes ensuring that the ingredients are recognised as food.

Should you decide to SKIP packaged foods, ensure it’s the ones with added sugars and sweeteners, oils and preservatives to boost shelf life and flavour. This change can not only manage, but will help reduce your cholesterol.

2. Prepare your own breakfast

For many breakfast is very routined. Make it worthwhile by adding lots fruits and yoghurts. Be creative and add whichever fruit that may be in season.

3. Make your life simple by preparing bases

You can use grains, beans, vegetables such as broccoli and butternut squash, sweet potatoes and kale. These can be cooked in large portions and stored to be added in meals during the week. Any vegetable of your choice can be added to create a tasty meal. You can mix and match your bases to create tasty soups and meal choices.

4: Eat a Vegan Lunch when you can

It’s time that we all learn to love large heaps of vegetables. This can be difficult but we can replace red meat with lentils or tofu. Not only are they tasty but also filling.

5. Flour and Sugar?

Not all flour and sugar are bad but the ‘white’ ones are definitely worth staying away from. White flour is stripped of its nutrition and grain causing blood sugars to spike. This flour can be replaced by healthier choices such as coconut or almond flour.
White sugar also gives the premise of being healthy but this can be very addictive. Aim for 24 grams of added sugar a day and you should be good. Should you crave for a little sweet, then maple syrup or organic honey are better options. These are less refined and offer less antioxidants.

6. Learn to love the Grains

These come to life with a little scallion and sautéed garlic. They can also be sprinkled on salads.

7. Enjoy a great pudding

There are a great range of low fat and low calorie puddings that can be enjoyed. Chocolate pudding is one of the many that are available.

8. Two Pounds of Vegetables a day may keep the doctor away

A great goal is to aim for one pound raw and one pound cooked vegetables everyday. This may seem like a lot, however it includes the usual vegetables such as carrots, sweet corn, broccoli, cabbage, kale or sweet potato. These can all be worked in with greens and voila, fantastic stir fries.

9. Hungry? Then have an egg

An egg can be added to a bowl of rice, topped to a pita or dressed with salad greens to create a healthy filling meal.

10. Don’t forget the seeds

Love nuts? Then swap your usual with flaxseeds or pumpkin seeds as a snack and add hemp seeds to your favourite smoothie.

There is a saying “We are what we eat”, hence now is the time for great change.

Follow these ten tips, and 2014 will be the best year ever.

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