Keep your fitness routine fun and exciting

What is it about exercise that many hate? Some may answer saying it’s monotonous while some may say it’s not a lot of fun. This statement may have had a measure of truth to it years ago, but this is certainly not the same today. With exercise routines such as Tae Bo and Zumba, many are incorporating dance moves into their workout, making it lots of fun to participate in while burning the calories.

Summer is here and many are using the opportunity to take their indoor exercises such as yoga and spinning classes outdoors. They are rolling up their mats, dusting off their bicycles and enjoying a good ride and stretch outside. This makes it more fun and enjoyable.

Why not think outside the box and try something new. Ever heard of Kangoo Jumps or Kangoo shoes? The use of these shoes are becoming more and more popular each year. These Kangoo shoes are low impact shoes originally designed to reduce the impact of stress on the joints of joggers and runners. They are believed to reduce impact on your ankles, shin, spine and lower back by up to 80%. Not only are they effective outside but also indoors. They are simple, safe and efficient to use. A three minute workout to any upbeat music twice a day is all you need to stay in shape. Kangoo jumps are enjoyable with little exhaustion, keeping your metabolism at a reasonable pace.

Should you decide to use the jumps to lose weight this will be very effective. The goal is to maintain a good consistency as a one hour workout can burn as much as 800 calories. These shoes have many otger uses however, whichever purpose you choose to use it for, keep it fun.

The weather is also encouraging many to go outdoors hence the reason to maximise your outdoor time. With a little more planning you can lose as much as a stone before the end of the summer break.

Along with exercise you can do a healthy cleanse. A good cleanse clears the body of contaminants and toxins, balances your blood sugar levels and improves your mental clarity and emotional stability. A word of caution; the main ingredient in many cleansers are Senna, Cascara Sagrada and Psyllium. These are all herbal stimulant laxative which can have serious health risk to your liver. Should you decide to do a cleanse, drinking more green tea is a good way to start. Second, add garlic to your cooking. It contains compounds that can destroy fungus and give your food an extra zing.

As much as possible, try to avoid fatty foods and limit how often you eat out at restaurants. Should time really be of the essence, use a motivating DVD at home to sculpt your body.

Losing one stone over the summer is highly attainable however whatever you decide to do, keep it simple and fun.

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