Don’t have a pet? Then consider getting one, because it’s good for you

The benefits of having a pet are numerous as they can affect both our physical and internal wellbeing. They are known to be great for the heart, our immunity, blood vessels and waistline. Just the thought of seeing an excited pet waiting for you after a stressful day can make you smile. Due of allergies, many can’t have the ever loving cats and dogs however the list of house pets today are unending. From rabbits to hamsters to fish the list can go on.

Evidence have shown that pets can improve our physical wellbeing, thus many Medical Doctors are recommending the ownership of pets to their patients.

Lower blood pressure

You don’t need to do much to get the pressure down. All you need is a moment to pet or stroke your animal or simply gaze into an aquarium and watch the cool calm movements of a fish.

Strengthens your heart

Researchers have now found a link between heart attack survivors and their dogs. Only 1% of dog owners and survivors of previous heart attacks are seen to die within a year. This is a 60% chance of survival compared to those who don’t.

Reduction in allergies and asthma attacks

Allergies in many instances are caused by pet dander and saliva. Early exposure to such animals can reduce the chance of developing such allergies as an adult. Research has shown that immune stabilising effects appear before birth hence prenatal exposure to pets can lower allergic antibody production in the umbilical cord.

Help in remaining fit

When last were you able to get the 150 minutes of recommended exercise a week? You may be surprised to know that if you have a dog, you are getting this 150 minutes almost everyweek. Research has shown that dog owners walk 19 minutes more on average than a person without a pet. This may seem ineffective but a little goes a long way.

Pets have the ability to keep you calm

Alzheimer’s patients are known to have many moments of outbursts however it is seen to reduce dramatically with an animal present. Even the presence of a small pet such as a fish in an aquarium is seen to have helped Alzheimer’s patients to sit still and be more attentive. Anxious patients are seen to pace less and eat better at mealtimes.

Living with loved ones who suffer from a selection of illnesses can be a challenge, however it is nice to know that they will never feel alone with a pet around.

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